Learn to Face Paint classes
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Learn to Face Paint classes


Amy is a experienced Face and Body Art instructor located in South West Sydney- her bright colourful work, as well as her positive and supportive teaching style has made her a sought after instructor within Australia and internationally.

Amy has taught classes at the Australian Face and Body Art Convention (Victoria, NSW and QLD), the Australian Body Art Carnivale (QLD),the international Face and Body Artist convention (United States of America), ABAA Queensland, FABACONZ- the New Zealand Face and Body Art Convention as well as many private classes for individuals and companies wanting to train their staff in beautiful face and body Art. Amy also works at international events such as IMATS and the Sydney Beauty Expo demonstrating face and body painting techniques.

Have you always wanted to learn Face or Body Painting?

I can help you!

Face Painting is a great skill for those that work with children, schools, clubs, parents wanting to do something special with their children and for those who would like to make some extra money as a face painter. Face Painting is a wonderful opportunity to work doing something creative that is loved be children and their parents everywhere

We hold Beginners Learn to Face Paint Classes monthly in Narellan (approx 1 hour drive south west of Sydney)

These classes are suitable whether you are a complete beginner and have never held a paint brush before- to intermediate face painters who would like to learn proper technique and a great range of Amys favourite designs.

Here you will learn the tips and tricks of great Face Painting and all that you need to go out there and paint some fantastic faces.


1 Full Day

Learning about products

-Whats the difference between professional products and poor quality ones

-How to use professional Face Paints
-The right products for the right job- save money and heartache!

-Proper Hygiene

-How to properly care for your supplies
- What is safe to use for face painting (and whats not)

Learn How to Use Face Painting products and tools

-The many ways to use a face painting sponge
-How to apply perfect bases
-How to blend colours together flawlessly
-Brush Technique
-Learn to use the right brush for the right job for better looking designs.

-Perfect line work included brustrokes, teardrops, comma strokes etc

-How to use Rainbow Cakes and specialty face paints
-How to highlight your designs with different colours, glitters, gels and gemstones to the best effect.

- How to construct Face Painting designs so they look good and are even

- How to add special extras like "starbursts" to make your face painting designs stand out from the crowd


- Learn to paint the most popular and requested of Amys favourite face painting designs from simple quick designs to more complex ones

- Learn techniques and ideas to create your own original designs
- Tips for speed


Classes range in size up to 8 students, so you will get lots of personal attention and help with any techniques you need to master. You are also free to ask lots of questions and ask to learn whatever you need if you have any requests.

We will also have all the supplies used in class available for you to purchase after class to build your own professional face painting kit and get out there painting!


The cost of the beginners course is $250 per person. Which is a great investment and could easily be made back by you in one day through you first job or market, painting faces.

What to Bring

- A Packet of baby wipes to clean your practise head between designs- Huggies unscented are the best
-Pad and Paper (if you like to take notes)

- Camera and batteries

- List of any questions or techiniqes you are struggling with or interested in (if you have painted before)

-Something to eat and drink for Lunch 
-Lots of Enthusiasm!!

All other supplies- paints, brushes and practise head for you to learn on are available here for you to use during your course


Testimonials from a few of ourprevious students

"Hi Amy, Thank you so much for your wonderful day of training
You are an inspiration, I love your work!

After completing the day of training with you I have gained much more confidence and the techniques you showed me have really improved the faces I can paint.

Your teaching style is friendly and open and you spent the time on the things I wanted to learn.

I learnt so much from the day and would recommend anyone who is interested in face painting to come and learn from someone as talented as you."

from Nina Fuller

"Amy, thank you so much!!! I was thinking about you last night what a great job you did!! I really appreciate it.You are a great teacher, because you have a lot of patience and you have a lovely personality!! People can learn from you easily as people would feel at ease with you. I felt so happy that you were the one to show me those great things that you did. You definitely helped me a lot. I feel more confident now. I am so glad to have met you."

from Toni Colucci

Hi Amy

Thanks for the class, it exceeded all my expectations.

Your class was in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere and you made me feel right at home from the moment I stepped inside your front door.

You spent time on the designs I wanted to learn / improve and gave me lots of tips to enhance my work. You taught me in an easy to learn hands on approach. I really got a lot out of the day.

Amy you are a very talented body artist and have much to teach. I would recommend your classes to anyone from beginners to advanced.

From the beginning of my painting journey you have made me feel welcome as I knew no one else in this field, you gave me advice and tips and I would like to thank you.

Debbie Bezzina

Class payment is due in full to reserve your position.

Learn to Face Paint Class $250.00
Click Here for Product Details! Come learn to Face Paint with Award Winning Face and Body Painter Amy Grigg. Saturday 19th March 2022 1.00pm- 6.00pm 1 day class with all the techniques you will need to get out there and start painting some fantastic designs Classes are held in Narellan, Approx 1 hour south west of Sydney. Please see our classes page for more information on what you will learn throughout the day. All supplies that you will need to use for the day to learn, will be provided. Classes are for a maximum of 4 students so you get lots of one on one attention and help with your technique. Classes must be paid for in advance- you can order online and pay by paypal, credit card. If you have any questions please email Amy at amygrigg@amygrigg.com.au